Christmas Give-away


give away one

give away two

1. ​party of 4-5 gets One free Fresh veggie-plate (4人以上就餐送蔬菜拼盘一份)

2. ​party of 6-7 gets One FREE Fabulous MEAT-plate(6人以上就餐送肉类拼盘一份)

3. ​party of 8+ gets both One FREE Fresh veggie-plate + One free fabulous meat-plate(8人以上就餐送蔬菜拼盘+肉类拼盘各一份)


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5-start, and get one free veggie-plate (yelp5星评论赠送蔬菜拼盘一份) 

take a picture of you enjoying our pot with Good harvest logo in it and get one free veggie-plate (拍照含有Good harvest logo转发朋友圈赠送蔬菜拼盘一份


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